Here is us discussing what “Octothorpe” means and how we developed the show:

What does “Octothorpe” mean?

Simply put, Octothorpe is the name for the # symbol.

So “Octothorpe Board Games,” huh?

Yes! We are “The Pound Board Games Podcast”!  Clever, isn’t it? But, in truth it is more encompassing than just this simple entendre.  We love board games so much that they are constantly pounding the table; our thoughts or conversations; and various other ways. Octothorpe also resembles one of the first games we can all remember playing: Tic-Tac-Toe.

Who designed the logo?

This was a joint idea from Kenny and Josh.  After Josh talked about his thoughts, Kenny mocked up an initial sketch.  Then Josh reached out to an artist.  Unfortunately, while producing a great idea, the artist had issues making edits and modifications to what Josh and Kenny specifications.  Therefore, Josh reached out to the mighty talented artist and personal friend Jamie Koala of Koala Art and Design.  She was able to make some excellent modifications in a short amount of time, even though she doesn’t normally do this sort of thing anymore.  A special thank you to her amazing talents is always in order, also she has some great gear!