Episode 02 — 2 Player Games, An Online Shopping Guide, State of Games: Prices and Components

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Show Notes:

Past, Present and Future: 2 Player Games

  1. Star Wars: Rebellion — best prices.
  2. Cathedralbest prices.
  1. Haru Ichibanbest prices.
  2. Tides Of
    1. Madness — best prices.
    2. Time — best prices.
  1. Fields of Arlebest prices.
  2. project GIPF series:
    1. TZAAR — best prices.
    2. YINSH — best prices.
Honorable Mentions:
  1. Star Realmsbest prices.
  2. Star Wars: Destiny — best prices.
  3. Tao Long: The Way of the Dragon — best prices.

Sacred Cow: An Online Shopping Guide

Since Kenny and Josh, aren’t tied to a sponsorship, they discuss freely about the different sites that they have frequented for buying board games.  First and foremost, they suggest heading over to and supporting your Friendly Local Games Store (FLGS).    Though when possible, the guys find that buying games online from various outlets has yielded perhaps the best results for them to acquire the best deal.  Josh and Kenny both recount a few horror stories about shipping issues and how the games were packed and shipped based on various orders they made.

Sites We Recommend to Use:
  1. BoardGamePrices.com — We use this site nearly exclusively for all content found on our website to assist our listeners for the best prices.
  2. Camel Camel Camel — Used to track prices, so you don’t have to search all the time.
  3. Game Surplus.
  4. Cool Stuff Inc. (CSI).
  5. Board Game Bliss.
  6. Cardhaus.
  7. Noble Knight Games.
  8. Boardlandia

Main Topic: The State of Games: Prices and Components

Kenny and Josh discuss how the prices of games have seemingly jumped especially when one looks at the prices.  Where prices used to be around $50 when the he first joined into the hobby (circa 2008), now Josh has seen games creep into the $80+ market.  Perhaps Kickstarter is a bit of a culprit, especially when the board game involves miniatures.  Kenny has noticed that the component quality has also become more complex.  Gone are the days that games were as simple as a game like Hansa Teutonica, where one would have found just cubes and a board.  Right or wrong, Kenny doesn’t seem to mind the higher price point if a game has quality components and a great gaming mechanic such as a game like Great Western Trail or Adrenaline.


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