Episode 03 — 3 Player Plus Games, Kickstarters & Pre-Orders, Game Collections

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Show Notes:

Past, Present and Future: Games With a Minimal Player Count of 3

  1. Shadows Over Camelot — best prices.
  2. Bang!: The Dice Gamebest prices.
  1. Niagarabest prices.
  2. Francis Drake — best prices.
  1. Adrenalinebest prices.
  2. Sleuth — best prices.

Sacred Cow: Kickstarters & Pre-Orders

Crowdfunding of board games seems to be growing more and more commonplace.  Is backing Kickstarter campaigns something that board game hobbyists need to be actively doing?  Josh and Kenny discuss the nature of different Kickstarter campaigns, the pros and cons, risks and rewards of backing Kickstarter games.  But what about just pre-ordering games?  Josh and Kenny cover that, and why pre-ordering games is worth considering.

Kickstarter & Pre-Order Games Discussed:
  1. Manhattan Project: Energy Empire — Kickstarter Page.
  2. Scythe — Kickstarter Page.
  3. Empires of the Void II — Kickstarter Page.
  4. Zombicide: Black Plague — Kickstarter Page.
  5. Dinosaur Island — Kickstarter Page.
  6. Gloomhaven — Kickstarter Page.
  7. Project: ELITE — Kickstarter Page.
  8. Raiders of the North Sea — Kickstarter Page.
  9. Heroes of Land, Air and Sea — Kickstarter Page.
  10. Lost Expedition — best prices.
  11. Feast for Odin — best prices.

BoardGameGeeks–Crowdfunding: Kickstarter Forums

Main Topic: Game Collecting & Collections

In this episode’s main topic segment, Josh and Kenny discuss the reasons for why they add games to their respective shelves and what their long term views are for their collections of games.  Are board game purchases investments?  What elements do a game need to have to make it worthy of a spot on the shelf?  Does scarcity matter?  Is there a space limitation?  Is having all of the post-release content (expansions, upgrades) critical?  Listen to find out what Josh and Kenny are looking for in games to make them “collection worthy”.

Games Discussed:
  1. Capital Lux — best prices.
  2. Hansa Teutonica — best prices.
  3. Champions of Midgard — best prices.


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