Episode 00 – An Introduction to Us and Not a “Top 10” Entry Level Games for New Players

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Show Notes:

Since this is our first episode, though it’s been dubbed Episode 00, we’ve made it special just for you to give you a brief background as to:

What you can expect out of future episodes and the overall show format.

We plan on releasing show content on every other Friday starting on March 3, 2017.  The basic premise of each show is broken up into three different segments: Past/Present/Future Board Games — that we have played or expect to play (using a predetermined category); Sacred Cow; and Main Topic Discussion.  We don’t have a set time limit for a show as we want to make sure that we thoroughly discuss everything.  We welcome and encourage discussion to help drive future topics and just conversation in general.

How we got the name Octothorpe Board Games (see About).
Who we are, our play styles and how we got started in the hobby etc.


I really got into the board gaming community when I was introduced to Settlers of Catan.  It was the first real game that had new dynamics that weren’t just limited to roll and move or war game style games I was primarily accustomed to playing throughout my early life.  To be sure, I did have my fair share of chess for deeper strategy, but that was about it.  With Catan, this was the first time that I was shown how amazing European board games really were.  I got hooked and subsequently received Catan along with the 5-6 player expansion for a birthday present that year.  I also started diving through the shelves of my local thrift stores looking for other interesting games that I could add to my collection.  This is how I added Pente, The Classic Dungeon and Cathedral to my quickly expanding collection of board games.

I lost nearly all the games I learned and played early on, but I was enthralled!  My overall play style has truly developed over time.  Usually, when it comes to learning a new game I will absorb as much as I can about it and try to relate some of the mechanics (if possible) to another game that I know well.  I’m never worried about high scoring, taking whatever falls to me while also trying to have a bit of strategy.  It’s not until I have subsequent plays that I really try to do new strategies.  I rarely have analysis paralysis (commonly referred to as AP in our community).  I’m willing to learn and try just about any game once.  My biggest thing about board games is that I am having FUN!

Special Topic: Not a “Top 10” entry level games for new players.

We have made the links to the games discussed available so that you can check them out on BoardGameGeek (BGG).  Additionally, we have included links to the best current prices courtesy of BoardGamePrices.com.

  1. Jamaica best prices.
  2. Junk Artbest prices.
  3. Ticket To Ridebest prices.
  4. BANG! The Dice Gamebest prices.
  5. Capital Luxbest prices.
  6. Carcassonne best prices.
  7. Imhotep best prices.
  8. Isle of Skyebest prices.
  9. Stone Agebest prices.
  10. Automania best prices.

Honorable Mentions:

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