Episode 04 — High Player Count Games, BGG Likes and Dislikes, What makes a game “good”?

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Show Notes:

Past, Present and Future: Games With a Higher Player Count (6 or more)

  1. 7 Wonders — best prices.
  2. Take It Easybest prices.
  1. Codenames: Picturesbest prices.
  2. Steampunk Rally — best prices.
  1. Captain Sonarbest prices.
  2. Secret Hitler — best prices. *

*Boardgameprices.com nets zero results.  At present the game is mostly only available on BGG marketplace, Amazon or Ebay.

Sacred Cow: BGG — Likes, Dislikes and Alternatives

Josh and Kenny dive into all the nuances of Board Game Geek (BGG).  Josh keeps his collection of games updated regularly using BGG, while also using it for research as well. Josh offers up advice to new users to the site to choose your Username carefully! Any time Kenny hears about a new game, he will consult BGG to understand the essentials of the new game.  Moreover, Kenny offers up some good alternatives and suggestions that could vastly improve the site.  The podcast was recently added as a guild to help stimulate growth and a community.

Main Topic: What makes a game “good” to us?

In this episode’s main topic segment, Josh and Kenny discuss what exactly makes a game good for them.  For Josh, most obviously it is game art or components that will pull him into a game.  His favorite mechanic is what is dubbed “worker placement,” but he is a true omnigamer.  Kenny, alternatively likes games that are very colorful and play differently every time like Small World, Five Tribes or Vikings Gone Wild!


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