The Octothorpe Rewind — Gloomhaven & The Mailbag

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Show Notes:

Kenny and Josh have a new episode with new segments: The Octothorpe Rewind and The Mailbag.  In The Octothorpe Rewind, Josh recounts his Gloomhaven saga as it has transpired over the past month and a half.  Given, that several portions were recorded at several different times, the entire story encompasses a three-part update.

The Octothorpe Rewind: Gloomhaven

Part 1

Josh bought his copy from Starlit Citadel.  While the customer service was fantastic–for the most part–Josh did have some struggles with a shipping matter.

Part 2

After receiving his copy of Gloomhaven, Josh and Kenny examine the game both the heft and the artwork of the game.  They also discuss which characters they will be selecting for when they do play the game.

Part 3

Josh finally received his Meeple Realty Gloomhaven Insert.  He talks about how amazing it was to put it together as well as punching out all the pieces for Gloomhaven.  Lastly, Josh discusses some of the final pieces that he is buying to trick out his game: Sinister Fish’s removable sticker set and the upgrades from the second printing of Gloomhaven on Kickstarter.


The Mailbag

Lastly, the guys go dumpster diving through their mailbox to find their first set of questions from Wes “Friend of the Show”.  Kenny and Josh tackle the two questions posed by Wes:

1) What games in the upper echelon of the BGG all time rankings are over rated or under rated in Kenny and Josh’s opinions?

2) What games do Kenny and Josh have in their collections are ones that they purchased but took an exceedingly long time to get to the table? If so, how long did they sit before they played them?

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